wimmhtw* 10.13

1. Decluttering. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, but I actually started doing a little a week ago. Then a little more, then a little more. This weekend I’ve attacked my closet. I have four giant bags of old clothes to give away and a big black garbage bag of trash to go to the dumpster. I still have a pile of t-shirts on my bed to refold, but it feels good to let go of things. It feels good to have space.

2. Cupcakes! Because: cupcakes!

3. Stumptown. This show is a hoot!

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 10.6

1. Autumn. I’m not a pumpkin spice person, so I don’t care about that. I just want the cooler temperatures, the hoodies and sweaters, hot tea, apple cider, and comfort foods like beef stews and casseroles. I am ready for a change!

2. On that note, I have a big pot of chicken and noodles, one of my all time favorite comfort foods, on the stove. Homemade chicken soup for all the wins!

3. And on a similar note, apple cider. We have a cider mill close to us that makes excellent cider and even better apple cider doughnuts. While I haven’t been there in a while, so I have no doughnuts, many local stores stock their cider. So when I went to the hardware store earlier to get birdseed, I also snagged a jug of fresh, local apple cider that I know for certain is delicious cold as well as hot. And now I’m thirsty. Yay, fall!

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 9.29

1. A quiet weekend. We didn’t have to go anywhere or so anything extra. We got to just sit and watch the sportsball (more about that further down), and run our usual errands, and eat good food, and hang out with our cat, and read, and sleep, and nothing more than that. It was a much-needed refresher, and I am very grateful.

2. Online shopping. I need things, and I want things, and I don’t want to deal with other humans any more than is absolutely necessary. So Amazon. And other online stores and food delivery places. So happy about that! I mean, I need to get a Huskers shirt or two to bring it at work, for the woman wearing that (gasp) Boomer Sooner shirt. And I heard a rumor that dinner may include my favorite brownies. If I had the means, I may never leave home again.

3. Sportsball players and coaches. There are some sports I really love to watch (soccer) and others that I watch because my bf really loves them (professional football). But last week, our beloved Royals manager Ned Yost announced his retirement. He is the manager who took us to the World Series in 2014 and 2015, winning it that second year. He is the only baseball manager that I connected with, and he will always be Royals baseball to me. He will be missed! This was also maybe the last game for Royals player Alex Gordon, who has been my favorite for years (or maybe just his last game for the Royals, we’ll have to see when all the deals are signed). And the season is winding down for my favorite KC soccer guys, Sporting KC. They had a rough year, lots of injuries and lots of changes on the field. They did their best, and now they need some time to recover. I was sad to hear this week that one of our great European players, the Frenchman Yohann Croizet, has parted ways with the team, but I wish him all the best. He was a great player, and was willing to be versatile when we needed him to. So, many thanks to all the players and coaches who have made Kansas City sports so amazing these past few years (you know, when I started paying attention to them). Cheers to you!

*what is making me happy (and a little sad) this week

wimmhtw* 9.22

1. Seeing the moon in the sky as I head into work. All last week, the moon was visible in the morning sky (after sunrise), and I do love that. It reminds me of the years in my 20s before I understood quite how cruel the world could be and everything was hope and possibility. Around that time I found a random novel with a story line that revolved around the moon, and it reminded me of everything I loved about really good books. So much has happened in the years since that time of my life that I barely feel like the same person most days, but when I see the moon, especially during the day, it reminds me of how I once believed that anything was absolutely possible and maybe even probable.

2. Family. We spent the weekend with my boyfriend’s family, who we haven’t been able to see all year because of flooding and crazy schedules. But we finally made it up to see them, and we had a really good time. It was great to check in, to hug them and laugh with them and just hang out with them. And then we got to come home and get lots of kitty snuggles. Because: family.

3. Leftover fried chicken. It really is the best.

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 9.15

wow, 9.15! where does the time go?!?

1. My boyfriend had to take a quick work trip this week, and I am so happy that he had a successful, safe trip there and back, and even more than that, I am absolutely thrilled that he’s back home. I hate to think of myself of one of those women who can’t be without their person, but I have become someone who doesn’t want to be without their person. He is my person, and while I need a little bit of time on my own here and there, this was almost too much. So happy he’s back!

2. I have been especially hard on myself this week. I’ve been constantly hungry, snacking too much and on too much candy and drinking too much pop. This happens once or twice a year. After a week of overindulging, I realize that what’s happening is something is irritating my sinuses and if I wasn’t constantly snacking or drinking something syrupy, my stomach would be a wreck. So upon realizing that, I am giving myself a break. I bought a small cake to indulge in this week and some sugar-free pop that I can feel a little better about. And then it will pass, and I will forget all about it again. But realizing how hard I’ve been on myself lately and letting go of the self-judgment feels good, and that makes me happy.

3. This weekend I binged the BH90210 reboot, and I thought it was so funny. I was impressed at how they handled the story lines and the characters, and as a former fan of the show, it made me really happy. I’m not sure I need more than one season of the reboot, but it was really good. I recommend it to all other open and closet fans of the original series.

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 9.8

1. It was a rough week. I’ve gotten some difficult news at work the last couple of weeks, and I’ve been doing the work of two people. I thought that was going to get better this week, but one of those pieces of difficult news is that my new coworker isn’t going to be working with us after all. So in light of that and how tired I am of making it through most of this round by myself, I am grateful that the round is almost over. I will get to slow down and breathe a little before the next round ramps up. I’m not quite there yet, but I can see it from here.

2. After a rough week that left me feeling lower than low, my boyfriend took the time to make me feel better and remind me that I do matter. It’s been a lovely, refreshing weekend, and I can head to work tomorrow knowing things will get better.

3. Football is back, so I am grateful for plenty of books to read so I don’t have to watch it. Ha, just kidding. I grew up in Nebraska, so I’m a longtime Husker fan. My boyfriend actually grew up in Lincoln, close to the university and the stadium, so you know he’s all about the red. And while I’m not a big fan of the NFL, having Patrick Mahomes join the Chiefs means that we finally have a football team that even I can get excited about. So while I’m still all about the soccer, I can set aside a little time on these near-fall weekends to watch the other football.

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 9.1

1. This was a busy week. There were lots of medical appointments and procedures and tests. My mother went to her doctor, my boyfriend had an uncomfortable procedure, the cat spent time at the vet to make sure all is well, and I made it to the eye doctor to help with all the reading and screen-staring I do. And I was so happy and relieved when each and every appointment went well. Mom is healthy (aside from some osteoporosis), Don is a healthy cat with clean teeth, my eyes aren’t as bad as I thought they were, and Brad came through with flying colors. So happy about that!

2. When we picked up Don from the vet, the nurse told us that he did really well and actually went above and beyond for her. She was having a rough day, and she went back to the cat room and opened his cage. She said he snuggled with her, giving her lots of love and making her day so much better. I am so grateful that Don chose us from the shelter. And I’m so happy that he’s willing to share all his love and purrs with those who need a pick-me-up. He is truly an extraordinary cat.

3. It’s my birthday, and I have had so much good food given to me. I still have more birthday coupons to use, but I have had steaks and cakes and I still have cake and cheesecake in the refrigerator. I don’t know how I feel about getting older, but I do know how I feel about getting cake, and that is the best!

*what is making me happy this week


wimmhtw* 8.25

1. Is it just me, or did August go by in the blink of an eye? I know time moves faster as you get older, but that month seemed particularly fast. Maybe it’s just that there has been so much going on. Because there has been so much going on! I am hoping that September sees things slowing down a little, because I’m having trouble getting everything, or even some of the things, done. But it’s good too. As this happens, I am finding that I my priorities are shifting and I can focus more of the fewer things that are genuinely important and let go of things that are only marginally important. Focus is good.

2. Yesterday we got out of the house (imagine that!) and saw an exhibit about Stonehenge. It was really interesting, and it was fun to spend time with friends Doug and Heather there and at one of our favorite Kansas City restaurants Pot Pie. It was a fun, relaxing evening with interesting company (by that I mean Heather) and exceptional food (and by that I mean pot pie).

3. Birthday coupons. My birthday is coming up, and local restaurants are already stepping up to offer me more free food than I will be able to eat. That makes me very happy!

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 8.18

1. Ice cream. I love ice cream. And I don’t eat it often enough. It’s sweet, and delicious, and just wonderful in almost any way. I am grateful for ice cream, and I may just have to go get some right now.

2. Not only is my Premiere League soccer back, but now Bundesliga is too. Go Dortmund! Go Man City! Go Sporting KC! Go all the soccers!!

3. When I was in my 20s, I got to go to England and Scotland for a week and a half, and I’ve never forgotten it. There are days here when the sky seems impossibly blue, and anything at all seems possible. That, for me, is a Bath sky, because that is how I remember the city of Bath, with gorgeous skies and gardens everywhere and that beautiful Bath stone throughout the village. Driving home today from errands, I looked up and thought it was maybe a Bath sky. It was a gorgeous blue sky, and my worries and problems seemed to fall away for a few minutes. Thinking about England makes me happy, whether it’s through my memories, through books, through photos, or through watching British television shows.

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 8.11

1. Moon Pies. I don’t get them very often, but there was a display in the grocery store where they were 2 for $1. They taste like childhood, and eating one with that marshmallow and chocolate and cookie in between makes me happy.

2. Vinegar. We’ve been struggling with ants these last couple of weeks. And I haven’t found anything (aside from a professional, or possibly an anteater) that can take on ants like plain, cheap white vinegar. I’m not going to declare us ant-free, but we’ve got it down to one every once in a while. That is far better than the number of ants we’ve been dealing with. I’d also like to say: orange essential oil. It’s not as cheap as vinegar, but ants don’t like that either, and it’s inexpensive for an essential oil. Plus it smells like oranges!

3. Premiere League soccer is back! My Saturday and Sunday mornings are all about the soccer again! It’s almost as good as Saturday morning cartoons. If only Man City would recruit Wile E. Coyote, or even better, the Roadrunner! beep beep

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 8.4

1. We went to see F&F: Hobbs and Shaw yesterday, and it made me happy. The movie itself made me happy, because it was fun and funny and exactly what I was expecting the movie to be, along with a couple of surprises that really made me smile. But I also love movie trailers. I love to see what’s coming and to get a glimpse of the best of that movie. I didn’t get to see the trailer I most wanted to (Where’d You Go, Bernadette?) but I knew it was a longshot. A chick flick trailer before an action movie? Not likely. But all good.

2. The Food Network. They’ve been doing a great job lately of keeping things fresh, of offering up new content that doesn’t stray too far from the old, which I love and which is why I watch the network so much. I’m a big fan of the Worst Cooks/Bakers series, so I’m excited that there is a Worst Bakers series that has been running for a few weeks and a new series of Worst Cooks starting up again tonight (although I will miss Tyler; I think he’s my favorite co-host to Anne Burrell, who has done, I believe, every seasons of Worst Cooks alongside Bobby Flay, Robert Irvine, Rachel Ray, and Tyler Florence). But with the BBQ Brawl show with Michael Symon and Bobby Flay and Carnivorous (which I really like) as well as old standbys of Guy’s Triple D and Triple G and The Kitchen and Beat Bobby Flay and new Restaurant Impossibles, it’s just a good place to land when there’s nothing else on tv and you just need something relaxing on in the background.

3. If you’ve been paying attention to these for the last 4 months, you’d know that we adopted a new cat named Don. Don is wonderful, but he’s also only 2 and has lots f energy. He loves to play, especially when I’m working on my blog. He loves to wander back and forth over the keyboard, pulling up all sorts of weird code that I close quickly so that he doesn’t break Facebook. But that is the reason I have a bowlful of cat toys on the table next to me, and whenever I can, I fill it with his favorites—ping pong balls. They don’t last long here on the table, because he inevitably chases them around, to the stairs, and to the basement, where there are many, possibly dozens of ping pong balls scattered around under the furniture, just waiting for me to make the effort to dig them out. But you know what? I’m busy and they’re inexpensive, so I usually just buy more, or make my boyfriend buy more. But while we still have the ping pong balls in the bowl on the table next to me, I am grateful for them, because it means tonight’s blog post won’t get accidentally deleted by a stray paw, and I know I will have a happy kitten for a few minutes, until he loses that ball to the vast wasteland that is our basement.

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 7.28

1. Hair bands. It’s just a fancy rubber band, but it’s so useful! Need to pull your hair back for awhile? Hair band. Need to keep the cat occupied for a few minutes? Hair band. It’s simple, but it makes life so easy for us long-haired cat owners (or really, cat staffers).

2. Peace. It was a peaceful week. It wasn’t perfect, but there were more good things than bad. There were more things that lifted me up than brought me down. The temperatures weren’t extreme. There wasn’t too much rain. There wasn’t too much work. It was a good week.

3. It felt like a week of forward progress. There were only tiny steps, but it’s still moving forward. And I’ll take that, any day.

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 7.21

1. We had friends over yesterday, and we had lots of fun. We tried a new restaurant, and it had really good food. There were some issues, as we came at a shift change, and our server was late, so someone else finally took pity on us and stepped in. But she took good care of us, making sure we had drinks and our entrees and our desserts, which included a 32 layer chocolate cake that was really good. It’s a little fancy to go to all the time, but it was good. And then we watched The Secret Life of Pets, and it was just adorable. Now we definitely have to watch the second one at some time.

2. I spent several house this morning watching The Great British Baking Show, one of the newer seasons on Netflix with Noel Fielding et cetera. It’s just so soothing and heart-warming to go back to the tent and relax into baking.

3. The heat finally broke! After a week where the temperatures were well into the 90s, it stormed overnight and brought that number down by like 10. And moving forward, we are looking at 80s for most of the week, so I am very grateful for the break! Especially since Tuesday night we have tickets to a soccer game, Bayern Munchen vs. AC Milan, and I want to enjoy the game without feeling like I’m melting into a big puddle.

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 7.14

1. Wimbledon. I haven’t watched much tennis in the last few years, but this morning I sat and watched the men’s final. Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic went at each other for a very long time. It was a crazy and extremely well matched game, and it was a lot of fun to watch. Plus, it was Wimbledon, so I also got to see royalty and celebrities and the grass on the court turn from green to brown. Woot!

2. Brad made pasta for dinner, so not only did we have a delicious dinner tonight, but tomorrow’s dinner is also already done as well as another dinner or several lunches this week. We get tasty food and the ease of good leftovers, and I got to sit and play with my audible books while he did all the heavy lifting for dinner.

3. My amazing local independent bookstore, where we stopped yesterday after buying doughnuts and eating ice cream at our local Fairway Creamery (AMAZING!! Also thankful for that, but I only give myself 3 talking points each week). Not only did I find some really good novels to read, I also found a SIGNED first edition of Jo Nesbo’s latest Harry Hole novel. So excited!! Life is good!!

*what is making me happy this week


wimmhtw* 7.7

1. You knew this one was coming—a 4 day weekend! It was relaxing and wonderful and somehow still too short. But I’m so grateful that we had these days to hang out and read books and watch movies and (most importantly) hang out with the cat, playing with yarn and getting snuggles, and just enjoying the purrs. And he wasn’t even bothered by the noise of the fireworks.

2. Waffles. For dinner, we had waffles and bacon, and it was just a simple, wonderful, filling, comforting meal. We even had real Vermont maple syrup, which was extra delicious.

3. It’s been a really good soccer weekend. My Sporting guys won yesterday, which they needed. Between injuries and guys just having an off season, we have been hurting! But we won yesterday against Chicago, and the team is recovering from their injuries, so hopefully they’ll get their groove back very soon. Then this morning, the women’s national team won the World Cup. And even as I type, I’m watching the men’s national team play Mexico for the Concacaf Gold Final. I do love watching soccer, and this has been an excellent weekend for it!

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 6.30

1. Sales! I have been having issues lately with my hair products. I really just need something new, something quality, something that doesn’t cost me too much. And then on Friday I got the email—Beauty Brands is having their liter sale! Liters of shampoo and conditioner are just $14.99 each. And after fighting my way through the stores a few times with this sale, dodging lots of other customers, trying to find a shampoo and conditioner that match, I discovered the best way to beat this sale: order online. No annoying customers in my way, access to all the products, and free shipping over $45. So, shopping is done! Woot! And not only that, but I’ve had my eye on a special cake pan at Williams Sonoma for a while. This weekend it was one sale. Octopus cake pan, $30, done and done! I can’t wait for the next time all our friends get together. I will bring an octopus cake! How often can you say that!?

2. My boyfriend found a class in making cinnamon rolls from one of our favorite local restaurants. We took some time in the middle of a crazy busy week to just hang out and make cinnamon rolls for a couple of hours, and it was such delightful fun. I’m so grateful to him for signing us up and for taking the time to hang out with me, even when it involved baking.

3. I know I use this one a lot, but I’m going to say it again: Don. This weekend he’s been especially snuggly, where he’ll come over to me and snuggle up with me for several minutes, and then go over to my boyfriend and snuggle with him. He is literally sharing the love, and it’s so perfect. He is so sweet and generous, and we are just so lucky that he decided to adopt us!

*what is making me happy this week


wimmhtw* 6.23

1. There is some good soccer going on. We’ve been watching some of the women’s World Cup games, and those players are fierce! They take no prisoners! And they are absolutely phenomenal to watch. I don’t think we’ve seen a bad game yet, no matter who’s been on the field. I can’t wait to see how the next couple of weeks go.

2. Last weekend we went to see MIB International, and it was genuinely fun. I’m a big fan of the Thompsons (like Tessa a lot, ADORE Emma), and Chris Hemsworth is just fun to watch in movies. (To be honest, I would probably have written him off as a bit of a lightweight, except that I saw him in Rush. Amazing film, amazing performance. He is not just a pretty face.) I thought the story was a little obvious, but the cast made it so worthwhile. I hope there are more.

3. The resurgence of old timey game shows. They’d already brought back Family Fued (if you think of it as ever having gone away), $21,000 Pyramid, and Match Game (which I enjoy, but Alec Baldwin is no Gene Rayburn!). And now we have Card Sharks, which I always loved, and Press Your Luck (no whammies!). It’s great having fun, light entertainment for summer that doesn’t involve IQ-impaired singletons trying to hook up or just getting locked up together in a big house. (That being said, Are You the One is coming back, and my boyfriend is completely addicted, so we’ll be watching every episode. I like a little bit of stupid singletons, just not every night of the week). (Also, if you know my boyfriend, I wouldn’t ask him about the stupid dating show, unless you want to get dragged into a long and loud discussion of how people who can’t understand math are stupid. Consider this a public service announcement.)

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 6.16

1. BattleBots is back with a new season. It’s one of those fun summer shows that celebrates nerdom in a fun and innovative way. And we get to imitate Barry from The Big Bang Theory. “Wules? This is a stweet fight! There awe no wules!” from the robot-fighting episode.

2. I am very grateful for cleaning machines. I use our washer and dryer every week. I would be so lost without them. I know this for certain, because they have both broken down in the space of the last year or two, and they have been replaced with (happily) very reliable ones. I also love my dishwasher, even though I use it more as a dish drainer when I wash dishes by hand than an actual dishwasher. Still love it though. And last but certainly not least is our housekeeper, Laura. She comes in once a month and does all the scrubbing and dusting and vacuuming so that we don’t have to. She is the best! We love her lots and lots, and we’d be lost without her too.

3. Audiobooks. I’ve listened to audiobooks for years, but I took a break for several months where I was to stressed out to listen to either podcasts or books. But over the past few weeks I’ve started listening at work again, and getting to listen while people read books to me is such an amazing experience. I feel bad for anyone who still resists the idea for whatever reason. Audiobooks are the best!

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 6.9

1. A rough week. My boyfriend went in for jury duty on Monday morning, and while the trial he was potentially a juror for was continued and he got to go home, he was at the courthouse long enough to catch a really nasty cold. I stayed strong until about Thursday, when I started failing. By the weekend, I was down for the count. But all things considered, the misery of a nasty cold is not so bad compared to so many other things that could go wrong. So unhappy and grateful at the same time.

2. Soft tissues and Sprite and Campbell’s chicken and noodle soup.

3. Despite being sick, my fantastic boyfriend went out yesterday and got me doughnuts from the new place in town I’ve been wanting to try, Fairway Creamery. It’s a doughnut and ice cream place from my favorite chocolatier here in Kansas City, Christopher Elbow. And the doughnuts were amazing!

4. A bonus. This weekend was the Big Slick weekend, where celebrities come back home to Kansas City, with lots of their famous friends, to raise money for Children’s Mercy Hospital. They sponsor a variety of activities around town for a couple of days and go to the hospital and hang out with the kids, and it’s incredibly inspiring to see how successful they are and still how humble. So our hometown celebrities are definitely making me happy this week: Rob Riggle, Eric Stonestreet, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, and Jason Sudekis, thank you for your example. And congrats on the $2.5 million raised!

*what is making me happy this week

wimmhtw* 6.1

1. There were tornadoes in our city Tuesday night. It was bad. One tornado was a mile wide and on the ground for 2-2.5 hours. There was a lot of damage done to farms and buildings, but miraculously no one was killed. And so many thanks go to our local news and weather teams for keeping us all updated on exactly where the tornadoes were and where they were headed. I am certain that many lives were spared because of their work.

2. It was a quieter week. Aside from the tornadoes, there wasn’t much drama. I need more weeks like this in my life! For the better part of the past 12 months, I have been overwhelmed and stressed out. Things finally quieted back down in my life, and so I’m finally starting to breathe again and to pull my shoulders back down from my ears. I like this drama-free lifestyle. I am hoping it lasts. I really want it to last.

3. Best news of the day—I have cake! It’s store bought, but still tasty.

*what is making me happy this week

and . . . gratuitous cat photo. because: Don.