wimmhtw* 6.9

1. A rough week. My boyfriend went in for jury duty on Monday morning, and while the trial he was potentially a juror for was continued and he got to go home, he was at the courthouse long enough to catch a really nasty cold. I stayed strong until about Thursday, when I started failing. By the weekend, I was down for the count. But all things considered, the misery of a nasty cold is not so bad compared to so many other things that could go wrong. So unhappy and grateful at the same time.

2. Soft tissues and Sprite and Campbell’s chicken and noodle soup.

3. Despite being sick, my fantastic boyfriend went out yesterday and got me doughnuts from the new place in town I’ve been wanting to try, Fairway Creamery. It’s a doughnut and ice cream place from my favorite chocolatier here in Kansas City, Christopher Elbow. And the doughnuts were amazing!

4. A bonus. This weekend was the Big Slick weekend, where celebrities come back home to Kansas City, with lots of their famous friends, to raise money for Children’s Mercy Hospital. They sponsor a variety of activities around town for a couple of days and go to the hospital and hang out with the kids, and it’s incredibly inspiring to see how successful they are and still how humble. So our hometown celebrities are definitely making me happy this week: Rob Riggle, Eric Stonestreet, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, and Jason Sudekis, thank you for your example. And congrats on the $2.5 million raised!

*what is making me happy this week