wimmhtw* 6.1

1. There were tornadoes in our city Tuesday night. It was bad. One tornado was a mile wide and on the ground for 2-2.5 hours. There was a lot of damage done to farms and buildings, but miraculously no one was killed. And so many thanks go to our local news and weather teams for keeping us all updated on exactly where the tornadoes were and where they were headed. I am certain that many lives were spared because of their work.

2. It was a quieter week. Aside from the tornadoes, there wasn’t much drama. I need more weeks like this in my life! For the better part of the past 12 months, I have been overwhelmed and stressed out. Things finally quieted back down in my life, and so I’m finally starting to breathe again and to pull my shoulders back down from my ears. I like this drama-free lifestyle. I am hoping it lasts. I really want it to last.

3. Best news of the day—I have cake! It’s store bought, but still tasty.

*what is making me happy this week

and . . . gratuitous cat photo. because: Don.