wimmhtw* 6.16

1. BattleBots is back with a new season. It’s one of those fun summer shows that celebrates nerdom in a fun and innovative way. And we get to imitate Barry from The Big Bang Theory. “Wules? This is a stweet fight! There awe no wules!” from the robot-fighting episode.

2. I am very grateful for cleaning machines. I use our washer and dryer every week. I would be so lost without them. I know this for certain, because they have both broken down in the space of the last year or two, and they have been replaced with (happily) very reliable ones. I also love my dishwasher, even though I use it more as a dish drainer when I wash dishes by hand than an actual dishwasher. Still love it though. And last but certainly not least is our housekeeper, Laura. She comes in once a month and does all the scrubbing and dusting and vacuuming so that we don’t have to. She is the best! We love her lots and lots, and we’d be lost without her too.

3. Audiobooks. I’ve listened to audiobooks for years, but I took a break for several months where I was to stressed out to listen to either podcasts or books. But over the past few weeks I’ve started listening at work again, and getting to listen while people read books to me is such an amazing experience. I feel bad for anyone who still resists the idea for whatever reason. Audiobooks are the best!

*what is making me happy this week