wimmhtw* 5.26

1. It’s Memorial Day weekend, and while I am certainly humbled by all those who have given so much for our freedoms and all, I am also so, so, so grateful to have an extra day off work. We only get off work for so many days in a year, and we haven’t had a holiday since New Year’s Day. So I’m very grateful for an extra day to breathe and recharge and get caught up on everything that’s happened since January. (Just kidding. I’m way more behind than that!) But I am grateful for this country and our freedoms and so thankful for those who sacrificed so that we can have 3-day weekends.

2. Routines. My boyfriend and I have routines that we stick to most weekends. There are certain errands we run on Saturdays and certain ones in Sundays. We may change it up a little from time to time, but most of the time we’re pretty consistent. And while it may sound boring, it works for us, and it means we don’t forget anything while we’re out (which I would totally do otherwise!). Mostly I’m just happy and grateful that I’ve found someone I can be boring with and still be so happy!

3. And this guy. This adorable, chatty, snuggly, playful, goofy, sweet guy.

*what is making me happy this week