wimmhtw* 2.11

1. Not the flu! Last Monday, I went down. I went down hard. Respiratory issues, fever, so worn out. I stayed home Tuesday and stayed in bed all day. It helped. Not 100%, but I was able to go back to work Wednesday and stick it out until Friday. I took it easy, but I made it through. I was worried when I felt so bad Monday that it was the awful flu that's been everywhere lately, but it was just a bad cold. I am feeling much better and will try to keep up my immune system until the flu season is over. 

2. The threat of a bad snowstorm. There were rumors we might get a lot of snow Saturday night, so we did all of our erranding on Saturday. Woke up this morning to slightly more snow than I would call a dusting. A whole Sunday with nowhere to go and nothing to do? Count me in! This has been a fantastic day. And next week, three day weekend! Woots! 

3. After spending all week doing as little as possible, having today to go through emails and get caught up on laundry and dishes and trash and everything has been so wonderful. I am starting the week in a good place, and that always makes me happy. I am anticipating a good week, where lots of things get done and we are happy and healthy, eating good food and getting lots of sleep. That is my plan, and having a plan makes me happy. 


*what is making me happy this week