wimmhtw* 2.18

1. 3 day weekend! Technically, where I work we do not have tomorrow off, so I took it off as a vacation day--hang on, let me rephrase that--I took is off as a MUCH-NEEDED vacation day. And I am so happy that I have a whole day tomorrow to do whatever I want. Or nothing at all. Woot! We can all use more vacation days. 

2. Celebrity Big Brother. It's fluffy and saccharine and a little stupid, but I'm very much enjoying watching these people survive the Big Brother house, or not. I wouldn't want to watch a long season of it, but for a few weeks, as a palette cleanser, it's fun. Go, Marisa!

3. Ummm, everything? I've been sitting here trying to think of a third thing that is making me happy, and I can't really think of anything that's making me unhappy right now. Life is good. We're pretty healthy (sniffles and sneezes aside, just par for the course this time of year). We're making enough money to pay our bills (I haven't always been able to say that). We have good food and a home that we love and decent jobs. Is life perfect? Of course not. We both need new cars. We have debt. We should make some healthier lifestyle choices. But there are always things that could be improved. For the most part, I'm really happy right now, sitting here, thinking of things that make me happy. And as I look around, it's all the things. As I said, life is good. I am very grateful for that, and especially for the man and the cat who found me and invited me into their lives and offered me a home filled with love and laughter and purrs. I am very lucky indeed. 


*what is making me happy this week