wimmhtw* 2.4

1. Italian food. Today, my boyfriend made his should-be-famous lasagna, and it was phenomenal as usual. And even better--we have plenty of leftovers for the week. And yesterday for brunch, we went to Lidia's Kansas City restaurant--that's Lidia Bastianich, who you see on PBS cooking amazing classic Italian food. Since it was brunch (it was our first time there for brunch), there was unlimited antipasti (salads, mostly, but also a bruscetta and soup), an entree, and unlimited dolci. The salads were wonderful. My entree was cannelloni, which was delectable. And then there was the dolci. That would be the desserts, and they just left them there on the table like I wasn't going to come along and snatch everything I could fit in my mouth (or my purse). Most were bite-sized, all but the tiramisu which you could scoop up as much as you wanted, and they were all delicious. Every bite I tasted was perfect. A weekend full of really, really, really good Italian food. And plenty of leftovers for the coming week. 

2. The big sportsball game on tonight. First, because they make some funny commercials for this thing. Second, I don't care much about this year's halftime show, but we are still talking about last year's Left Shark (year before last? Whenever). And third, it means that the sportsball season is over for awhile, and I can enjoy my weekends without football for awhile. 

3. Family. We got to spend the weekend with my boyfriend's sister and her family, and we had a fantastic time. The kids wore us out, but it so good to see them all and just hang out and have fun. I hope they had a good time as well, and I hope they get to come back again soon! Much love!


*what is making me happy this week