wimmhtw* 7.9

1. Cooking in advance. Tonight we made a monster batch of meatballs, so we have lots in the freezer for upcoming weeks. And tomorrow's chicken dinner is put together in foil packets and waiting in the refrigerator. All that I have do tomorrow is stick them in the oven. I love feeling prepared for the week. 

2. Good friends. I am grateful for all the times that my friends have been kind and thoughtful and given me a cookie or a t-shirt or allowed me to barge in on them when I wasn't entirely invited. I hope I said thank you at the time, but just in case I didn't, thank you all for your kind and generous friendship. 

3. I'm grateful for summer. While I'm not particularly excited about the humidity and the 90 degree temperatures, I am happy about the summer attitude. Taking it easy, relaxing, not working too hard, watching favorite television shows in the air conditioning. I do love all that, and I am very thankful that it is summer. 


*what is making me happy this week