wimmhtw* 7.16

1. Bob's Burgers Monopoly. Do I need to say anything more? 

2. Homemade cookies. I love to make cookies, but I don't do it very often because it's so easy to eat them all very quickly. But this weekend I've had some good excuses to bake cookies for other people to eat, so I am very happy about that. 

3. Blue Buffalo cat food. We've fed our cat Blue Buffalo for awhile, the hard food. And as time has passed, he's had some struggles keeping it down. He was getting too skinny there for awhile, and I was worried. So we've added some soft food into the daily cat food plan, and that has worked like a charm. He gets soft food a couple of times a day and has hard food in his bowl all the time. His stomach is not as sensitive as it was, and he's put some of that weight back on. And most importantly, he seems happy. That is the most important thing. Happy and healthy. Life is good. 


*what is making me happy this week