wimmhtw* 7.23

1. It's the second half of the year! How did that happen? Actually, I know how. I was working so much in the first half that it just slipped through my fingers without my noticing. But I'm happy to be moving towards fall, towards big holiday celebrations, towards cooler weather and turning leaves. And I'm very happy to know that as we move toward the end of another year, this year has provided happiness and good health (for the most part) and good jobs and a very sweet cat with so much love in his heart. Life is good. 

2. My iPad mini. I'm not one to buy all the latest tech, but a year or two ago I did splurge and get myself an iPad mini. I wasn't sure how much I'd use it, but it turns out that I use it every day. I play games and read books and get on social media. I can check email and watch movies and check in on Twitter and Facebook. It's the perfect size, and it can do just about everything I need. And it just makes me happy. 

3. Pork chops. Nobody makes them as good as my boyfriend does, and it's just about time to eat . . . 


*what is making me happy this week