wimmhtw* 7.30

1. Cooler temperatures. Although this part of the country is not really know for moderate summers, we had a big storm last week that really cooled things down. And the cooler temps are supposed to stick around all week. This is happy news, as I am not really a hot-weather or humid-weather person, and Kansas usually has both of those. So I am a very, very happy and grateful girl for this one. 

2. Summer television. My favorite this year: the reboot of Battle of the Network Stars. It's clearly low-budget, with some stars that we haven't seen in awhile. Last week was TV Cops vs. TV Comedy Stars. So I was torn. Newsradio's Dave Foley (I ADORED that show!!) went up against not just Ponch from ChiPs but John as well. Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox, together again. And as an added bonus, Lorenzo Lamas, who apparently is now doing helicopter tours of New York City. This show has been fun for several weeks (Tom Arnold, Anson Williams--Potsie from Happy Days, Corbin Bersen, Kim Fields and Lisa Whelchel from The Facts of Life, and so many more!), but last week's episode was the best one so far. It's no Wipeout, but it's some good summer fun television, complete with sportscasters in those 1980s gold jackets reminiscent of Mr. Howard Cosell himself. 

3. Cancelled appointments. My boyfriend had an eye appointment this week. We both took the afternoon off for it. But it wasn't until he was on his way home that the office called him saying that their computers were down and they'd have to reschedule. So we got home and fond out we had a free afternoon. No work, no appointment. Just a few hours all to ourselves. It felt so good to just relax, run a couple of errands, get some lunch, and not worry about anything. It was lovely. I highly recommend it. Take the afternoon off. Relax. Hang out with a cat. It's all good. 


*what is making me happy this week