wimmhtw* 6.4

1. Last week was rough. We're going through a big changeover at work, and frankly we're running up against deadlines. Unmissable deadlines. We've all been working overtime, as much as possible. By Thursday night, I was snappish and exhausted. So I have been especially grateful to have two full days off from work to recover and to make some preparations for next week to be easier. So thankful for weekends!

2. It's summertime. Maybe not officially, but there are books out for summer reading and television stations have turned to summer programming (fluff!) and I am looking forward to not having to think so much or work so hard for a little while, media wise. I plan to coast until September, reading fun novels and captivating thrillers and watching tv shows and movies that won't bother my overworked brain cells. This is why I set the dvr to record Major League last weekend. That's what I need. Now they just need to show Major League 2.

3. I have a refrigerator full of good food. I have chocolate cake and watermelon and nectarines. But better than that, I have two kinds of pasta that my boyfriend made tonight, so I'd have plenty of good food to take in my lunches all week. I feel very lucky and well cared for tonight. (Love you!)


*what is making me happy this week