wimmhtw* 5.28

1. We went to Nebraska overnight to visit family, and we had a good time. We made the round trip safely. We had gorgeous weather. And we accomplished what we needed to do. Trip successful. And we got back home to crash and relax and hang out with our kitty. Life is good. 

2. We got to have lunch today with my boyfriend's sister and her husband and their three kids. They are such a great family! They are smart and caring and generous, and I feel so fortunate to be able to include them in my family. When my boyfriend took me on, I got so much more than just a boyfriend. I got adopted also by his cat, his mother, his uncle and his family, and his sister and her family. I am so incredibly lucky to have found him/been found by him! 

3. Three. Day. Weekend. Right at a time when I need it and can't take time away from work (I already worked overtime every day last week, and that will continue for the immediate future), I get a whole extra day off to read and sleep and prepare myself for the coming week. I don't mean to belittle Memorial Day or those who lost their lives serving our country. I am so humbled by their sacrifice, by the sacrifices of all who have served. But this year, for me personally, I am just so grateful for that extra day off to relax and reset. 


*what is making me happy this week