wimmhtw* 6.11

1. After feeling frantic and stressed most of this year, I feel like I am able to relax more. I am figuring out ways to work ahead on home projects, which means I can start to tackle some things that I've been putting off for what feels like a long time. It feels like I am making progress towards an even better life. And I'm giving myself a break, which is not exactly a perfectionist thing to do. It feels good to give myself more breathing room.

2. I have finally been able to catch up on a few things in my DVR, and one thing that I am really enjoying is the latest season of The Amazing Race. I didn't really have high hopes for it, because as the seasons tick by, they are getting more gimmicky. That's never a good sign. In this season, they took a bunch of individuals and let them choose the other person for their team. In other words, a bunch of strangers have to work together in a worldwide chase for a million dollars. And the truth is, I'm really enjoying it. In some ways, there is less drama with the strangers than there is with couples or family members. And I love seeing all the places they travel to. The photography is stunning. I'm so glad I've finally gotten a chance to watch it. 

3. We had some friends over yesterday for dinner. It was scheduled at another house originally, but their air conditioning went out, so we offered our place instead. So everyone came here, and we ate well, and we played games, and we heard all about the fabulous trip to London and Paris that one couple just got to take, and we had so much fun. It was just a great evening, and I'm so grateful to have a home where we can have friends over for a fun evening. Having a place that is home is so important. I am so lucky to have both the physical location and the people in my life that give me a place I know of as home. 


*what is making me happy this week