wimmhtw* 5.7

1. After a rough couple of weeks--work stress (although that one's going to be around for awhile), sick boyfriend, sick me, and that vague gnawing feeling that I am behind on everything in life and will never get caught up--things are getting better. Boyfriend and I are getting over our respective infections (him, sinus; me, upper respiratory) and things are starting to get caught back up. So right now I am grateful for time, and I am grateful for breathing. 

2. Yesterday we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It was so much fun! Loved it! I am so happy that Marvel is making such playful films from their comic books. I am not a reader of superhero comic books, so I was nervous when I started watching the superhero movies, but seeing something with the creativity and whimsy of the Guardians of the Galaxy films makes me genuinely happy. I am Groot! 

3. In our living room, I tend to sit on the sofa. And lately, I have not been alone. Jesse, the cat, has taken over the other end of the sofa, so I've gotten to spend all week hanging out with him there. He sleeps so sweetly there, or just lies there and lets me scratch his back. He's so relaxed and calm and calming. He brings me back to the present moment, which reminds me of how good that moment is. Because: cat. The moment is always better with a cat. 


*what is making me happy this week