wimmhtw* 4.23

1. We had a really lovely family Easter lunch. Ever since my boyfriend and I moved into our townhouse, we've been the hosts for family holidays. I like that. I love to cook for those that I love, and it makes me happy to have everyone over every once in awhile to enjoy each others' company and really good food. Last year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I felt like we overdid it. We tried to do too much, and we didn't do enough testing beforehand. I worried that we were stressing out ourselves and our guests, and that doesn't make for a happy holiday. So for Easter, we cut back and worked ahead, and the meal came together really well. Nobody got stressed out, and we could all just sit around and talk and have a lot of fun. That made me very happy. 

2. Last week was a rough one. A computer update made my life far more difficult than it should have. Things at work have been crazy stressful. The changes in the weather and pollen in the air has made it more difficult to breathe. It was just a challenging week, from start to finish. But this is a new week. There will be more challenges, I'm sure, but I made it through and have the strength to keep going. That's always a good thing. 

3. I am a podcast junkie, but I struggle to find balance between listening to pods and listening to books. I tend to focus on one and get behind on the other and then switch that out. This week I got to focus more on podcasts, so I was able to get caught up on some. I still have a lot of catching up to do, but it was a week of good listening. Last month, they (the gods and goddesses of podcasting) encouraged those of us who listen to recommend pods to others. Since I'm behind on listening, I heard commercials for that many times last week. Better late than never. I recommend: Crime Writers On. It's four crime writers (3 true crime, 1 fictional crime) get together each week to talk about what's happening in pop culture, drinking, swearing, relationships, and (perhaps most importantly) cats. It's interesting and funny and beautifully produced. Really, I'd love to sit with these podcasters and have a beer, but that would mean going to New England. So I'll stay here and listen. You should listen too. 


*what is making me happy this week