wimmhtw* 5.21

1. Some friends of ours have a daughter who graduated from high school Saturday. They had a barbecue to celebrate, and though the wind made sure we were all bundled up (strange for a May weekend in these parts), it was really moving to get to be a part of her celebration and to know that there are so many great things ahead of her. 

2. Last week was crazy, and we weren't feeling great, so there wasn't much cooking going on. But tonight, my awesome boyfriend spent hours putting together an elaborate and giant lasagna that we can eat all week long. It was so amazing tonight, and it will just get better as the week goes on. It meant a lot to me that he cooked today, and that he made something that will result in tasty leftovers two or three nights this week. 

3. This coming week is going to be difficult--bumping up against big deadlines at work. But I'm ready. We have food for the week. Laundry is done, so we have clean clothes for the week. Now I just have to stay focused and make sure to take care of myself this week. Eat well, take breaks, and most importantly for me, get lots of sleep. I am grateful for those who have helped me the last couple of weeks (especially my awesome boyfriend), and I know that this stressful time will pass and life will be calmer again. Calm is good. 


*what is making me happy this week