wimmhtw* 2.4

I'm a day early, because we have plans for tomorrow night. So here are 3 things that are making me happy this week. 

1. While I was (of course) rooting for the home team, the Chiefs didn't make it past the playoffs. So now, watching the SuperBowl tomorrow, I have no dog in the fight. I can just relax and enjoy being with friends and eating good food. I am happy to have an evening to not care about the game being played. (But watch out, because spring training is starting soon!)

2. I am a finisher, and I am starting to give that up. Reading a bad book? I don't have to read until the end. I can just stop and move on. Hate all the spam emails? I can just unsubscribe. Facebook friends that I don't really know or care about? Delete them. I'm not sure exactly what changed for me, but I find that it's getting easier to say no and let go of guilt and emotional clutter. I am just letting it go, and it feels good. 

3. In the past, I have made some bad financial choices. Now, I have a steady job that makes me happy, and I can work towards making better choices and wiping out the mistakes of the past. It feels good, feels empowering to try to dig myself out of debt and get some savings in the bank. Taking control of the money makes me feel strong and capable. Yay money! 

I hope you too are finding things that make you feel stronger and cleaner as we move deeper into 2017. 


*what is making me happy this week