wimmhtw* 1.29

First of all, let me say: far better week. I am happy to be feeling caught up and ready for this coming week, and the drama is at a minimum. It's a good feeling. 

1. It was nice enough out this weekend that we could let our cat out in our fenced-in backyard, and as I sat out there with his this afternoon, I realized how happy I am and how safe I feel here. It's a good feeling to know that you are really and truly home and in a place where people (and cats) love you. 

2. Top Chef. We're about the middle of the season (past Restaurant Wars, but with several more weeks left), and I am just enjoying this show so much. When it first came on Bravo, I didn't watch it (to be honest, I probably didn't even have cable then). But now I get to see it each week and can even watch old seasons online. It's one of the best cooking competition shows on tv, and I look forward to it every week.

3. I am also enjoying the milder weather. Last week there were many gray days, with a little rain here and there. I have nothing against rain or clouds, but in January, when we're already feeling rundown from the holidays and leftover stress wears down our immune systems, it's so nice to see the sun again. The warmth, the light, the vitamin D all helped to pull me out of my doldrums and feel alive again. I am so grateful for the sunshine. 


*what is making me happy this week