wimmhtw* 1.22

I'll be honest. This was not a great week. There was stress and drama, much of which seemed unnecessary. And now I am very, very, very tired. But as a nod toward being grateful for what I have, I will find three things to be happy about right now. 

1. Good food. Last week my bf made a baked ziti and I made a chicken pot pie, so we had really good meals all week long. And for this week, we have a plan for weeknights, and (even better for me), he made chicken parmesan over penne, so my lunches this week are basically made. I get to eat well all week, thanks to his hard work and amazing culinary skill. That makes me very happy. 

2. Mild weather. I don't want to be someone who wants Kansas weather to mirror California weather, but last weekend we were in line for a big ice storm, which can bring even a winter-ready state like this one to its knees. But the worst of it passed us by, and the rest of the week was pretty mild, albeit foggy and a little moist. This coming week looks to be the same. And I am grateful. If I have to deal with the level of drama at work where several people almost flat-out walked off their jobs last week, then I don't have the resources to deal with lots of snow and ice. 

3. A new year. Although I'm not really into resolutions or starting a new year exercise program or much of any of that (other than a reading challenge, of course), I do like the idea of a fresh start. 2017 is another chance to build my savings account back up, to rearrange the kitchen so it's less cluttered and easier to use, to try to get back to yoga and meditation (as soon as possible!), to find small habits that make life easier and sweeter. It's another year to move further from the hurts of the past and closer to forgiveness. It's another chance to be a better friend, better girlfriend, better self. Another chance to write more content, to share more, to let more people in. That does make me happy. Tired, but happy. 

May we all have a really good week this week!


*what is making me happy this week