wimmhtw* 12.11

What a weird week! Things at work have been weird, with a one-off project that took almost all of my time this week. Things at home have been weird, with strange scheduling and stomach upsets that threw off dinner almost every evening (which is my anchor). It's just all been a little off. Not bad (except for the stomach viruses), but different. I feel like I won't be back into my usual routine until January, which makes my head spin a little. I like my routine. I want it back. So I am very grateful to take time this week to focus some energy on what is making me happy. 

1. Family. This was not an easy week for my family, but it was a good reminder of all that is best about them. I saw strength and honesty and compassion and humor, and that is good. I hope the new year brings good health and happiness to all I hold dear to my heart. 

2. As all the craziness of 2016 winds down, I am happy to think of a quiet winter, where we can slow down and reflect, rest and revive ourselves for the coming year. I do like winter. I may not always be a fan of the colder temperatures, but I like how dark it gets in the evenings, a reminder to stay cozy, whether it's a quiet night at home (my favorite) or a night out with friends. I like the snow, how it covers everything in a sparkly blanket of white. I like the holiday lights and the cards and the thoughts of friends near and far. December is good, and it's making me happy this week. 

3. If you follow my Facebook feed at all, you will see lots of pictures of cats. I have always like cats, but I never lived with one full time until a few years ago. Now, I live my life at the service of a gorgeous ginger cat named Jesse. My days are built around his feeding times and his snuggle times, and I couldn't be happier about it. It makes my day to get to spend some time rubbing the tummy or scratching the back. He brings me out of my problems and irritations and reminds me of what's really important in life. (Him.) 


*what is making me happy this week