when fortune cookies get it right

Big Nate is just going along in sixth grade, trying to enjoy his school year, playing soccer, being part of a band, working on his caricatures of his teachers, and trying to avoid summer school. But when he sees his best friend Francis reading his social studies book before school, Nate goes into full panic mode. Is there a test today? He hasn't studied! And his book is locked in his locker at school! Danger! Danger! Summer School Approaching! 

Nate has a way of rating all of his school days. This is not an A+ day, with a field trip. It's not even a C-, a substitute teacher day. This has all the markings of an F day, a trainwreck! But somehow, Nate turns it around. And then he gets the fortune cookie, which tells him that he will surpass all others today. But how? 

Big Nate: In a Class by Himself is the first of the Big Nate novels. Lincoln Peirce, creator of the comic strip Big Nate, wrote and illustrated this book himself. Packed with Nate's big personality and a lot of fun sketches and even a secret code, this book is fun for middle schoolers and for adults who are still in sixth grade in their hearts. 

What Nate lacks in academic grit, he more than makes up for in fearlessness and humor. He is an endlessly optimistic, energetic trouble-magnet, and every page is a blast to read. The Big Nate books are loads of fun! Highly recommended.