farm fresh murder

Angie Turner is starting a new chapter in her life. She has moved back to River Vista, Idaho, where she grew up. She's getting ready to open a new restaurant, The County Seat, with her long-time business partner Felicia Williams. She's adopted a St. Bernard puppy named Dom. And she has taken in an orphaned goat named Precious. Not that fostering an orphaned goat was in her original plan, but Precious seems happy for now, and it builds goodwill in the community. 

And Angie can use some goodwill. Her original meeting with Ian McNeal didn't go too well. Ian is in charge of the local farmers' market and has strong relationships with all the local farmers and dairies, and Angie needs his help in procuring fresh produce and cheeses for her new farm-to-fork restaurant. Especially now that Old Man Moss has turned up dead. 

Gerald Moss was known for his goat farm and for being a cantankerous old farmer with a fondness for Ding Dongs. And Angie was one of the last people to see him alive. Visiting him on a Sunday morning to try to get him to sell his goat cheese curds to her restaurant, Angie enjoyed talking to him about her late grandmother, who he had known well (seems like everyone in River Vista liked Nona), and about his farm. It was then that she had made the acquaintance of young Precious, and so when she had discovered Precious later, alone, with no one at the goat farm until the next morning for the milking, she took the baby goat home with her and tried to make her comfortable (without letting her eat the whole house). 

But Angie finds that she still has a lot of questions about Mr. Moss' death. As does the sheriff, who seems to keep her suspicions pinned on her. 

Now, Angie has less than two weeks to finalize her menu, secure local produce orders, get the restaurant kitchen set up, and solve a murder. Who knew that opening a restaurant was so much work?

Bestselling cozy author Lynn Cahoon has served up another winning mystery with Who Moved My Goat Cheese? This, the first in her new Farm-to-Fork Mystery series combines interesting characters, strong plotting, and a strong sense of place into a immensely readable cozy. Lots of fun, lots of charm, and the perfect start to a new series. Can't wait for book 2!