listen up: if you're a resolutions person . . .

I am not big on the New Year's Resolutions. The promises to self to lose weight and save money and stop drinking and eating healthy. We all know they fall to the wayside really quickly, followed by guilt and shame and self-recriminations. But here's the thing--we don't change like that. True change doesn't come from outside of ourselves. Change--true, lasting change that seems easy and manageable--only happens when we change the way we think. 

So if you're wanting to make some changes in this year, try something new. Instead of creating rules you need to follow, listen to an audiobook. I recommend Effortless Success by Michael Neill. 

Michael Neill is a natural teacher and a life coach with incredibly successful clients. I've been listening to his radio show on Hay House Radio for several years, and he has changed the way I think of what I want and how to get there. 

Now the thing with Michael Neill is that he has a point of view, and either you get it and it changes your life or you don't get it at all. But if you can follow what he says, he can help you break through anxiety, inertia, apathy, and self-doubt. Sounds too good to be true? Sure, I get that. I thought so too. And I'm not saying that change happens overnight, or even with just one audiobook. But it can start you on a new journey, or reconnect you to an old journey that you abandoned too soon. 

When I first discovered Michael Neill and his crazy ideas of effortless success, I was unemployed (or just underemployed? There were several bad job years in there). I felt lost and small and powerless and alone. But I kept listening to what he had to say, and I kept putting one foot in front of the other. It took time, but I found a far better job and financial stability. I found a hobby that I love and that makes me genuinely happy. And best yet, I met the love of my life. All by putting in far less effort than I expected to need. My anxiety is under control, and as long as I'm not fighting off bronchitis like I have been this week, I am truly happy in my life. All this, without resolutions, just by learning to see the world in a different way. Try it. It's so much better!