wimmhtw* 4.1

1. Today is Easter, and we got to celebrate with a quiet, small family lunch. The food was delicious (and super easy, thanks to the delicious Honey Baked Ham!). The company was fun and relaxed, and everyone had a good meal and a good time. I'm always grateful for a warm family meal. And I'm also grateful for lots of leftovers. Lunch all week is done! 

2. Today is also April 1, aka April's Fools Day. And Kansas City brought it. Our weather generally tends to be unpredictable, but today we had a freak snowish storm. It wasn't quite snow, it wasn't quite ice or sleet. It looked like the tiny Styrofoam balls that sometimes come as packing material. And I was very happy that we didn't have to go out to eat or travel far to be with family. There was a short trip to my mom's apartment, but we made the trip safely and quickly. Very grateful for that!

3. A quiet, lazy weekend. While I love the weekends where we have a lot to do and get to have dinner with the mayor and all, I also love a quiet, home-bound weekend where time slows down to let me enjoy every moment. Today has been perfect, or as close to perfect as a day can be without any doughnuts. Happy Easter!


*what is making me happy this week