wimmhtw* 3.25

1. Had such a great day yesterday! We made it to the Nelson-Atkins Museum, where we got to see their special exhibit Through the Eyes of Picasso. It was an exhibit full of pieces that Picasso created, that he had in his studio to inspire him, and ones that were similar to what inspired him. I'll be the first to admit I struggle to understand cubism, but to see the pieces that inspired Picasso, particularly masks from Africa and island nations he'd not had the chance to travel to, I could see the progression. I finally understood cubism in a way I couldn't before. That was fascinating. And we (my boyfriend, really) became a member of the museum, so we get to support the art in Kansas City, which makes me feel good. And we got a pin of the shuttlecock, a small token homage to one of the museum's most well-known and loved (by me, for sure) sculptures (see photo, below). 

2. After the museum, we went to one of our favorite restaurants in town, Potpie. The place is tiny, so you always want to make a reservation. The daily menu is written on a chalkboard, although I don't think it changes much day by day. Along with a selection of typical entrees (pork chops, a pan-roasted chicken that is amazing, etc), they have 2 potpies. Last time I got the chicken and vegetable, which is good, of course. This time I went beef and mushrooms. It was absolutely delectable! I started with a house salad and ended with the chocolate chip bread pudding, and everything was perfect and delicious. And if that wasn't enough, I looked up from my salad and saw Kansas City's mayor getting out of a car and heading for the door. He was seated at the table next to us. Yes, we had dinner right next to Mayor Sly James, because apparently we're that special. 

3. While we were driving around Kansas City, we saw a vape and smoke shop with a big sign in the window: temporarily closed due to fire. We all started laughing right away, because irony is awesome. Life is good. 


*what is making me happy this week