wimmhtw* 4.2

1. It's officially spring. There is much rain, things outside are turning green, tulips are coming up. It's such an amazing time of year. With very little effort on my part, I get to feel like everything is fresh and new. There are second chances. There are fresh starts. All the brown leaves and dead branches from last year can be swept away, cut down, made into something new and usable, and life goes on better than before. I am older, yes, but wiser and more focused. Spring is good. 

2. I have awesome friends. Last weekend, a couple of them stopped by to give me a t-shirt, a perfect t-shirt, and just because. There was no reason except that they saw it and thought I would like it (and I do!!), and they specifically told me I was not to get anything in return. I am blessed with kind and generous friends. That is how they roll. 

3. My boyfriend and I are two of many people who have discovered and gotten almost obsessed with the show Forged in Fire. Shown on the History Channel, it's a competition show for blacksmiths. As the rounds progress, you see them forging a knife blade (often from challenging materials, a la Chopped), finishing the knife, and watching with baited breath while their masterpieces get tested against coconuts, sugar cane, even car doors. It's fascinating to watch the bladesmiths work, and then to watch the experts as they comment on what they see and then test the blades. It has the gentle competitive spirit of The Great British Bake-Off, but with insight into a hidden craft. Lately we've been recording every episode we can for any moment we can't find anything to watch. New episodes are coming soon, and I am so excited for all the new challenges and competitors. Knife-making is fascinating television--who knew? 


*what is making me happy this week