wimmhtw* 3.19

1. Gorgeous weekend weather. Beautiful blue skies, warmth, bright sunshine (a little too bright at times, maybe, but I'll let that go). And with just enough possibility for rain this week to know that using my reading time to weatherproof the chairs is a bad idea. Hmmm. Maybe next weekend? 

2. Tuesday I fell. Early in the morning it was colder than I realized. I wasn't watching where I was going as I walked across my work parking lot, stepped right in the middle of a patch of ice, and dropped immediately. I was okay, a little shaken and scraped. But it could have been so much worse. I am so grateful that it was a scrape and a bruise and nothing worse. Someone was watching out for me. 

3. There is a website/app called "Copy Me That" that made my day so much easier. It's a way to collect recipes, and it literally couldn't be easier. There is an icon that I put on my Google Chrome taskbar, and when I come to a recipe I like, I can just hit that button, and it stores it in my collection. Then, when I want something new to try, I go to the app, put in a search for whatever I want (today: chicken), and find an appropriate recipe, like tonight's chicken thighs wrapped in prosciutto that I found on realsimple.com. When I was at the store, I could pull the recipe up on my phone to get the ingredients I needed. When I was cooking, I pulled it up on my iPad, which made it super simple to cook from. And now that I've made it, I can go back to the recipe and tag it as something I've tried, add suggestions, whatever. It's also a community of people doing the same thing, so you can share recipes with others as well. It's as complete a recipe app as I've been able to find, and I recommend it highly. 


*what is making me happy this week