wimmhtw* 11.26

1. Learning. We hosted Thanksgiving again this year, with the largest crowd yet. As per usual, things went wrong. But also, things went right. And I got to see some family I've hardly seen in many years and meet some new additions to the family, which is always good. And more than anything, I learned. I learned some things that didn't work and some that did, and mostly I remembered to trust my instincts. Learning can be hard and painful, but it feels good too. 

2. Also on a Thanksgiving note, I feel like I nailed the gravy. I was very happy about that. 

3. Black Friday. I did not go out shopping, which made me very happy as I dislike crowds and parking lots and especially crowds driving badly in parking lots. And for Small Business Saturday, I chose to support my local indie bookstore (online shopping rocks!) and to stock up on my favorite soaps, tea, and a super cozy sports-themed fleece blanket (Sporting KC! Yea!) to prepare for a long and cold winter. Books, tea, favorite soap, warm blanket--what more could I need to get me through to spring?

I hope your holiday/shopping weekend was as successful as mine, and stay warm and safe out there in the coming weeks! 


*what is making me happy this week