wimmhtw* 12.3

1. I may have done a spot of after Thanksgiving online shopping, and yesterday I may have gotten a big box full or Harney & Sons teas. And while I have yet to break into the beautiful sealed tins of tea, they also sent a few samples, and that Organic English Breakfast tea I drank this morning was amazing! Delicious tea, happy girl! 

2. Last weekend, for small business Saturday, I ordered some autographed books from my favorite local indie bookstore. I waited until this weekend to pick them up, and when I did, I got a hear a lovely story about the day Andrew McCarthy came to town to autograph his latest book, a YA novel called Just Fly Away. Yes, Andrew McCarthy of the '80s Brat Pack, of Pretty in Pink, of St. Elmo's Fire, of Weekend at Bernie's. His booksigning wasn't at the store--it was at a different venue, but apparently, he went to the store that afternoon anyway. He walked in like he was any regular customer, he was very gracious, and he made a point of talking to everyone there that day. It's so nice to hear that someone you've admired for many years really is a good guy. That made me very happy. Also, books! Anyways makes me happy!

3. Lately we've been doing some cleaning on our dvr, and that includes getting current on the entire season of Masterchef Canada. I love that show! I may like it even better than the American version. Those three chefs crack me up! They're down to three home cooks, and I'm not sure who I'm rooting for, but it's going to be a really good finale, whatever happens. Go, Canada! 


*what is making me happy this week