a mother of a book

Emily thinks she has found "the one" in Adam. He's smart, charming, handsome, and he loves her. She's wondering if she is going to spend the rest of her life with him. Their relationship is so good, she's so happy, and then it's time to meet his mother. 

Emily can't understand it, but Pammie, Adam's mother, seems to take an instant dislike to her. While Emily tries to be considerate, Pammie goes out of her way to make Emily feel uncomfortable. While Emily tries to be kind, Pammie makes comments to make Emily feel insecure. While Emily tries to rise above, Pammie digs deep down low. And when Emily tries to talk to Adam about it, he deflects her, believing her mother when Pammie says that Emily just doesn't like her. 

As Adam and Emily move closer to marriage, Pammie and Emily just grow in enmity and hostility. Pammie goes so far as to tell Emily that she'll never marry her son. But as the day grows closer, will Emily figure out a way into the family, or will Pammie make sure that Emily stays far away from her son? 

The Other Woman is a debut thriller from journalist Sandie Jones, and it's worth the hype. With secrets, lies, and twists, This novel takes you on a journey from happiness to hostility to horror as Emily's relationship with the man she loves is threatened by the other woman, his mother. 

The Other Woman is a fun roller coaster ride of a story that's perfect for the last days of summer. It's fast, fierce, and full of surprises, and it's one that you'll be talking about for days and weeks to come. 


Galleys for The Other Woman were provided by Minotaur Books, with many thanks.