snapshot 8.19

recently finished: I am so excited that I actually have books that I finished! I just finished The Other Woman, which comes out Tuesday and  is a crazy family thriller that will leave your head spinning. I finished The Glitch, a comedic novel about a woman CEO in tech. And I finished Ritz and Escoffier, about the team who brought London's Savoy Hotel to greatness back in the 1890s. It's by Luke Barr, who also brought us Provence, 1970 (a book I will always recommend) about the start of American cuisine as being equal to European cuisines (particularly French, which had previously been the standard, even over here). 

currently reading: Brian Grazer's A Curious Mind, which I've been wanting to read for so long.  

up next: I have no idea. But there are some amazing kids' books coming out in September, and I have been lucky enough to have several on my TBR. More about those soon!