snapshot 7.1

recently finished: I'm have fewer than 50 pages left in Social Creatures, so I'm counting it. That is a crazy book! But it's leaving me craving Patricia Highsmith. I've also been listening to Husbands and Other Sharp Objects, and I'm so close to that ending that I'm calling it done too. It's the story of a woman starting over after her marriage dissolved, but she is smart and funny and her voice is what makes this book so special. 

currently reading: All the same things, plus a new cookbook on sourdough. I'm hoping to get all these caught up and blogged about this week. Things have been insane at work lately, but they should be calming down soon, and having Wednesday off should help a lot in getting me back on track, bookwise. Which I desperately need. 

up next: Lol, I have no idea. But whatever I pick, you know you can read all about it right here.