one of those not-a-self-help-book self-help books

I have been a fan of Michael Neill for many years. I've listened to his radio show on Hay House Radio. I've read some of his books. I've listened to his podcast and read some of his blog posts. He's a life coach with a background in psychology. He struggled early in life with depression and suicidal thoughts, so he read every self-help book he could get his hands on. And he learned something: generally, self-help books don't really help. So he tried to find a better way. 

The Inside-Out Revolution is a short listen (or read, if you get the book; I find his voice soothing, so I like to buy his books on audio), and it's hard to explain what he really teaches in that short time. But you walk away remembering that most of what we worry about, get angry about, and obsess about is just noise. 

Technically, the book is an explanation of the Three Principles, those being mind, consciousness, and thought. Mind is the great intelligence behind all life (God, or the universe, or however you choose to think of it). Consciousness is our awareness of life. And thought is the rudder that guides each of us in our lives. And that's the Inside-Out Revolution--the idea that we are creating our own reality with our thoughts. Which means we are just one thought away from a happier life. 

It seems too easy, right? I agree. But listening to this book made a lot of my anxiety and frustration with the world fall from my shoulders. It hasn't changed anything--I haven't won the lottery or been handed an amazing new job or even bought a new car. But I'm happy. I feel like I'm in control of my destiny. 

I also feel like I'm going to have to listen to this book several more times to really get what he's saying and to be able to put it into practice. It's simple, and yet it's very challenging. But it's good. If you're someone who struggles like I do with anxiety or with depression, or someone who is looking for a not-a-self-help-book self-help book, then I strongly recommend this. You don't even have to understand what he's saying in order to feel better. And eventually, as you slowly wrap your head around the Three Principles and the idea that we are creating our own reality with our thoughts, you'll find that maybe The Inside-Out Revolution was the miracle that changed your life.