a winsome winter

Megan Sawyer has a busy holiday season. In between caroling events and decorating her cafe for Christmas, she is also trying to sell her hothouse greens to chefs in Philadelphia to help her farm earn some extra money in the winter. On her way back to her small town of Winsome, she picked up Becca Fox, who tried to make the drive without snow tires. Megan was happy to help, and took Becca all the way to her aunt Merry's house in Winsome. 

What Becca doesn't know is that her aunt decided to try to repair Becca's family, which had fallen apart after her mother died. Merry has invited her brother Paul Fox--Becca's father--as well as Becca's brother Luke, to give them all an opportunity to reconcile. But while Becca is happy to see Luke, she'll have nothing to do with her father, going so far as to say that she believes her father had killed her mother. 

Megan is a compassionate person who understands family drama, and she tries to talk to Becca about her father. Becca insists that she won't have anything to do with the man. But when he dies in his sleep, the local police can't help but look at her and question her about her animosity. 

And then things get a little too close to home for Megan. Her great aunt Sarah knew Paul when he lived in Winsome many years ago, and now his death is frighteningly similar to a plot line in one of her first mystery novels. Megan will have to think fast to keep her great aunt safe and out of trouble. 

Seeds of Revenge is the third novel in Wendy Tyson's Greenhouse Mystery series, and although it's the first one I've read, I'm going to have to go back and read from the beginning. Tyson's background in law and psychology shine through in the characters and the plot, and her writing is compelling. Seeds of Revenge is an appealing cozy for any time when you're needing a bit of Christmas, some family dysfunction, revenge (obviously), and a couple of adorable goats. 


Galleys for Seeds of Revenge were provided by Henery Press through NetGalley, with many thanks.