is it italian? it says fra-gi-le

Max Emerson is a man committed to his company, an international financial services company that works on behalf of clients around the world. While some of Max's clients may skirt the laws here and there (or disregard them altogether), Max declares that he and his company do not break any laws. That's not enough for his older brother though, so he is estranged from much of his family and can only visit his parents when his brother and sister aren't around. 

And then comes the bad news that punches Max in the gut. His parents are killed in a car accident. Suddenly, Max has to deal with the grief of his loss, his broken relationships with his siblings, family secrets, and the choices that he's made to be so successful. Facing his loneliness, his isolation, and his fear of having been a disappointment to his parents, Max is forced to take a hard look at his life, from his childhood on, and comes to see things in a different light than he ever expected. 

Kevin Wignall has been a bookstorehold name (it's like a household name, but with more books) since his novel A Death in Sweden. I've had that one on my TBR for ages, so when I got the chance to read his new novel, A Fragile Thing, I jumped at it. And now I understand just why people talk about his books like they're fantastic. Because A Fragile Thing is fantastic. And A Death in Sweden just got bumped up higher in my list. I definitely want to read more of Wignall. 

A Fragile Thing is being marketed as a "gripping new thriller," but you should know that it's not. It's not a thriller, and I'm not sure I would call it griping either. What it is is a solid story with interesting characters and an even amount of reveals and surprises that keep you digging in deeper. It makes for a lovely reading experience, not too stressful or scary or creepy. It's just a really good book that's easy to read, and what's better than that? I definitely recommend this one. Perfect for a rainy afternoon or for the cooler weather that's no doubt coming our way before we know it. 


Galleys for A Fragile Thing were provided by Thomas & Mercer through, with many thanks.