snapshot 6.18

recently finished: Jami Attenberg's All Grown Up. It's quite an inspiring novel. More about that one tomorrow night. 

currently reading: I'm getting deep into Scott Turow's new Testimony. I was reluctant to start it because it's about international politics, the Hague, the international court that deals with things like war crimes. This is not my forte, and I knew it would be painful. But I should have known that Turow would have my back. He's leading me in, explaining all about the international court and the politics involved with grace and kindness, and I am getting pulled into the characters. I have no doubt this will continue to be an amazing story. And I'm reading my book club book, which will remain unnamed until December, when I share the entire year's journey. 

up next: Oh, I don't know. I have so many good books to read next, I'm not quite sure where to start. Let me think about this one and let you know . . .