listen up: it's da dweem wittin da dweem

Who doesn't love The Princess Bride? I don't think I know anyone who can't quote along with the movie. And what's better than that but a book about the movie. I'm not talking about the novel The Princess Bride by William Goldman (although it's amazingly fantastic and should be required reading for every schoolkid in America and beyond). I am talking about actor Cary Elwes' book about the making of the movie, As You Wish, and more specifically, the audiobook of it. 

Read by Elwes himself (he played Westley, if you've been living in a dark closet somewhere and didn't already know that), As You Wish is his memories of the cast and filming of the iconic movie as the 25th anniversary rolled around. The book is filled with charming stories like how he first met Robin Wright and how incredibly hard he had to train to be able to do the sword fighting scenes. 

And as amazing as it is to hear Elwes tell the tale in his own voice, he is not alone. Cameos from Rob Reiner, Billy Crystal, Wallace Shawn, Robin Wright, Christopher Guest, and Carol Kane add so much life to this audiobook. They get the chance to tell their own stories, showing that it's not just those of us watching the movie from home who have been moved and entertained by The Princess Bride. 

As You Wish is perfect summer reading, and better than perfect summer listening. You know the movie. Now listen to all the stories behind the film. As You Wish is everything you could wish for. All read by Westley himself.