another 48 hours mystery

Thomas Huston has it all. He has a beautiful wife and three amazing kids. He is a popular and respected college professor, admired by colleagues and students alike. He has written several novels, each successful in both literary circles and bestseller lists. It is a perfect life. 

And then, in a heartbeat, it's gone. 

Sergeant Ryan DeMarco knows what it is to lose everything. So when Huston's family is slaughtered and Huston himself is seen leaving his house with a large knife in his hand, DeMarco can't help but wonder what happened to bring the man to this. It takes two days for DeMarco to track Huston down. Two days to figure out what happened and why. Two days to try to save what's left of Huston's life, and maybe his own as well. 

Randall Silvis' Two Days Gone is a literary thriller like none I've read. It draws you in with an intriguing story and beautiful writing, and leads you through the mystery with style and intelligence. The characters are beautifully intricate and well-rounded, and you can't help but feel for them once you find out what is happening. 

If you like a good thriller, then read this as soon as you can (It hits stores tomorrow!!). If you like a great thriller, then read it immediately. You won't be disappointed. 


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