how much is happiness worth?

Have you ever seen a book in a store and just knew that it was for you? When I first saw this book on the counter of my local favorite indie bookstore, I could hear it calling to me. Sadly that day, I did not listen. So when a second chance came along to read this book, I jumped at the chance. And I'm so glad I did. 

Swedish actor/playwright/novelist Jonas Karlsson has written a tight satirical story that makes your head spin in all the best ways. Where his first novel, The Room, was a dark look at the madness of our modern corporate culture, this second novel looks at the experience of the individual and what is the personal price for a life. 

How much is happiness worth? Or the wisdom gleaned from a relationship? How much of our contentment is based on our attitude? Karlsson asks us all to think about these questions in this warm tale of a man invoiced for his life. 

What looks like an innocent short novel only about 200 pages is actually a beautifully written visual story that makes you question all your life's experiences, all the joys and anxieties, all the relationships, all the decisions you've ever made and how they would stack up on an accounting spreadsheet. You'll never think of your life the same. 

A man alone, working part-time in a video store, gets a mysterious invoice for 5,700,000 kronor (you can google the equivalent). Once he finally realized that it's not a mistake or a giant unfunny joke, he sets about figuring out what his life's experiences are really worth to him. 

How much are yours worth? 

Think about it, preferably while reading this book. It will be well worth your time. 


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