snapshot 10.23

Recently finished: a couple of shorter novels for this week's theme, Halloween week. Now, I am not a big horror fan, so my picks will be more lightweight, more comedic or psychological and chilling. And I got to see some more cookbooks I am very excited about. More about that in a couple of weeks. 

Currently reading: I'm still reading several books that I've mentioned over the past few weeks. I keep changing the schedule of what I want to write about, so some books get put off and others get bumped up. So I'm still reading The French Chef in America, The Secret Ingredient of Wishes, Medium Raw. But I'm hoping to get these read and reviewed next month. 

Up next: more cookbooks, probably not a surprise. A couple of novels from Herman Koch. And I'm planning a special for Thanksgiving week: novels about dysfunctional families. I would write more about all this, but I just watched the season premiere of The Walking Dead, and words escape me.