wimmhtw* 8.5

1. Today we watched the new show Making It, that had been sitting in the DVR. It's a competition show for crafters of all kinds, and it's hosted by Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler. It's super sweet and adorable. I like how they have figured out a way to have crafters of all types compete against each other, so a woodworker can bring their vision to life with their own medium, and a paper-crafter can bring their vision, and a fabric crafter can bring their ideas, and so on. And they get to throw around words like decoupage and vellum, taking the time to define them for viewers who might not know. It's just fun. I hope this one sticks around for awhile. 

2. This weekend I rewatched the movie Heartburn, and there are just so many things to like about this movie! Script by Nora Ephron, based on her novel. Directed by Mike Nichols. Starring Meryl Streep. With smaller parts from Stockard Channing, Caroline Aaron, Maureen Stapleton, Richard Masur, Jeff Daniels, and so many more. It's an amazing story (even more amazing if you know the real-life story behind it), beautifully crafted, and incredibly entertaining. It made me so happy to revisit it! 

3. I feel like the part of my brain that writes fiction is engaging itself, getting geared up to take on a new project. I keep seeing connections everywhere. A movie I watch reminds me of a book I read that reminds me of thing I heard the other day that reminds me of a dream I had that reminds me of a story that I wrote back in college. When I'm writing fiction, it feels like everything comes together and makes sense in a new way, like everything I bump into fits into a story I'm telling. I only feel like this when I'm writing fiction, and then it falls away. So I guess it's time to get writing again. Life is saying it's time. 


*what is making me happy this week