wimmhtw* 7.8

1. Good eating. For July 4, we got fried chicken from one of the best fried chicken restaurants in town (Rye), and one of the benefits of going to Rye is: pie. And then yesterday, we tried a new brew pub (technically, a new location for a brewery that's been around for awhile, but we'd never gone to the original location), Martin City Brewery. They had a pretzel app that was wonderful and a Cuban sandwich, my personal favorite. Basically, I've been eating my favorite foods all week long. Add to that yesterday's trip to a new location for a family favorite bakery (cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning and macrons to snack on for days). And tonight we're heading to a steak house for dinner with my boyfriend's cousin, and they have prime rib, another of my favorites and one our usual steak house does not offer. So much good food! 

2. It's July, so that means that school supplies are out and they are all on sale. It does't matter to me that I'm not in school and that I have no children. I have a serious weakness for notebooks, and when they're only 25 cents each, I can do some serious damage. I let myself make one Staples run, but it's only the beginning of July. These delicious sales will continue for weeks. I am excited! 

3. Tea. It's rally hot out, and I love iced tea. Again this year, I am so happy to have my Twinings cold brewed tea bags, which makes iced tea so much easier. They have a peach version, which is good, but all week I've been so happy with just the basic English classic, which is so delicious. Brewed iced tea taste with only seconds worth of work. I wish everything was this easy! I've never seen these sold in stores, but you can order them very easily through the website, just click here and drink happy!


*what is making me happy this week