the couple who slays together . . .

What can you do to keep the fire alive in a 15-year-old marriage? This guy thinks he’s got it all figured out. Since he basically fell in love with his wife at first sight, everything has been about Millicent. Well, Millicent and their two kids, Rory and Jenna. His family is everything.

So when Millicent suggests they spice things up by killing a stranger, he agrees. Because it’s Millicent and he loves her. Because he would do anything for his family, for his wife. So he goes along. And he has no idea where the ride is going to take him.

Samantha Downing’s debut novel has been characterized as Dexter meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and that’s pretty accurate. I don’t want to talk too much about the plot, because I don’t want to give too much away, but My Lovely Wife is a book that won’t soon be forgotten.

My Lovely Wife is not for everyone. It’s not particularly gory, which I appreciate, but it does deal with a difficult topic, and not everyone is comfortable with this sort of story. It does have a sense of humanity to it, and I felt it was a little on the campy side (in the best possible way), so I loved this novel. But I also understand those who want to skip it.

But if you are a dark and twisted soul with a gallows humor, then gab this book and start reading! It’s a heck of a ride, if you’re willing to wander through some darkness.

Galleys for My Lovely Wife were provided by Berkley through Edelweiss, with many thanks.