a genius . . . on ice

Chilly da Vinci is not your ordinary penguin. Always thinking of making a penguin’s life easier, he tries to invent contraptions that will bring his visions to life. But when his latest invention, a flying machine, crashes into the iceberg, separating Chilly and his friends from the rest of the penguins, he’ll have to think quickly to reverse his mistake.

Chilly da Vinci by J. Rutland is an adorable picture book filled with colorful and charming illustrations of Chilly and his friends. The themes of perseverance and believing in yourself are always good medicine for readers of all ages,

That being said, at times it felt like this book skipped over important parts of the story. I wish that they had taken more pages to tell the story more completely, and so that we could get to know Chilly and his friends a little better.

But Chilly da VInci is still a very likable book and a likable penguin. I do recommend it, just not whole-heartedly.

Galleys for Chilly da Vinci were provided by NorthSouth Books, through NetGalley, with many thanks.