snapshot 9.2

recently finished: Sheets, a new graphic novel that it seems like everyone is talking about this fall. And also Michele Campbell's She Was the Quiet One, a follow up to her It's Always the Husband. There are things to be said about these. This week, I was able to read but not write. I am hoping this week to be able to get some words written down about all these great books. I'm relying on this three-day weekend to recharge me and help me get some things done. 

currently reading: I finally started A.J. Finn's The Woman in the Window. It's fantastic! I am listening to the audiobook, and I am enjoying this one so much! An agoraphobic therapist loves old movies and spies on her neighbors. What's not to love? 

up next: Leave No Trace, Mindy Mejia's follow-up to last year's Everything You Want Me To Be. I can't wait!