feet and friendship

Hugo and Boone are best friends. Their friendship is unique, because Boone is a human and Hugo is a Sasquatch. But when they grow up, they want to be cryptozoologists, which is just a fancy word for someone who is friendly with monsters. So having that in common makes them perfect friends.

When Hugo gets a new Monster Detector in the mail, he is excited to go out and look for monsters, although he’s a little scared too. The unknown can be scary. But then Boone showed up at Hugo’s school, The Academy for Curious Squidges, and they see a real, true, genuine Green Whistler!

Hugo and Boone chase down the Green Whistler, not knowing what they were going to do when they catch it. But together, they weren’t afraid. They realized that they would know what to do when the time was right. Plus, they had each other. Friendship makes any adventure better.

Big Foot and Little Foot: Monster Detector is just as adorable as it sounds. With themes of exploring the meaning of friendship, accepting differences in others, and learning to discern the truth from rumors, Ellen Potter’s charming chapter book for 6-9 year-olds is a fun adventure that can be enjoyed by monster lovers of all ages. And Felicita Sala’s illustrations add even more fun and whimsy to this second book in the series.

I highly recommend this fun little Sasquatch book for early readers and their parents.

Galleys for Big Foot and Little Foot: The Monster Detector were provided by Amulet Books, with many thanks.