snapshot 8.5

recently finished: nothing. I'm having trouble reading these days. It's partly my dry eyes, made worse by seasonal allergies, the cold/bronchitis I've been fighting, and too much time staring at screens. And it's partly that I'm tired (having trouble breathing translates into trouble sleeping, which makes me cranky and distracted) and partly that I'm thinking about writing a new project. So expect me to continue blogging but not as much as I had been. And expect me to stay distracted for awhile. But in the best possible way. 

currently reading: I'm still reading The Glitch, which is crazy funny, and Edgar Cantero's latest, This Body's Not Big Enough for Both of Us, which is completely bonkers, and I'm enjoying it immensely. 

up next: The Quiet Side of Passion, the lastest Isabel Dalhousie novel by Alexander McCall Smith. And probably some shorter books, cozy mysteries, children's books, and graphic novels so that I can feel like I'm making progress on my goodreads currently reading shelf, which has been sitting at 50+ for too long.