the support of a good man

Marcy Hammer is starting over. Her husband Harvey had an affair--and a baby--with another woman, and their separation has given her time to think. She doesn't regret her marriage, since she has three amazing grown children, but she can't stay in her marriage and be happy. It's time for her to be true to herself. 

Now Marcy is trying to decide what she wants. She is still living in the house she raised her children in, even though they've all moved out to live their own lives. She has a boyfriend. And she has girlfriends who support her and need her support as they all deal with the issues of middle life--dealing with the death of a parent, learning to be a grandmother, facing health challenges. And in the middle of all that, she decides to finally join Facebook. 

Then Marcy's daughter Amanda announces that she was getting married. There's nothing like a wedding to bring out the worst in everyone, and Marcy finds that to be true as she has to deal with Amanda's Bridezilla tendencies, her daughter Elisabeth and son Ben's frustration with Amanda's plans, a boyfriend who wants to get serious, an almost-ex-husband who wants to get back together with her, and a kleptomaniacal in-law. As Marcy navigates all the intricate family issues, she comes to understand exactly what it is that she wants from the second half of her life, and she moves forward to embrace everything she really wants. 

Husbands and Other Sharp Objects, the sequel to Lift and Separate, is Marilyn Simon Rothstein's continuing look at a family in crisis, and after crisis, and how it's part of the human spirit to deal with painful challenges with love, support, and humor. Lots of humor. Marcy's voice is filled with smart, snarky commentary, and narrator Pamela Almand has the perfect voice to convey her intelligence, compassion, and determination. Husbands and Other Sharp Objects is a fun, smart, humorous look at family with all of its challenges and celebrations. 


Galleys for Husbands and Other Sharp Objects were provided by Lake Union Publishing through NetGalley, with many thanks, but I bought the audio myself through Audible.